We are a full-service Film/TV company based in Los Angeles, CA.


We take ideas, concepts, books, scripts and turn them into TV Pilots, Webisodes, Documentaries and Feature Films.


Once ideas are finalized, we drive forward implementing efficient and professional plans to produce high-quality content.


After production is complete we work with the finest artisans in order to enhance the project through sound and editing.

Films - In Development

Running From Darkness


Based on a true story. As a boy of privilege, Ramin was brought up in a more secular Iran than it became after the fall of the Shah in 1978. Now a young man, the world seems against him as he loses family members to the ruthless “morality police” and suppressive government. He is expelled from college, losses a job and is desperate enough to want to take his own life but he hears a man on the TV talk about a God who is love and forgiving. Ramin gives his life to Jesus Christ and is then thrust into a journey to make it out of his country alive.


Alison's Choice

“What would Jesus say to a woman having an abortion?” Now in development, Alison’s Choice is a feature film that answers this question, and in doing so, seeks to save unborn lives. The story is as compelling as it is simple: Alison, a teen, is facing pregnancy. With nowhere to turn, she finds herself in a “clinic” about to end her baby’s life. Suddenly a man appears. His mop tells her he’s the janitor. Conversation begins and it quickly becomes clear that this man is no mere janitor, but Jesus manifest. And He’s come to save the life of her baby. The screenplay is written and filming is targeted for summer/fall 2014. Funding is by donation, which releases the film to reach many more lives. Please join us with your donation as we strive to save lives together!




A high school football star, Jae Stroud, has a smart phone that is implicated in an inappropriate picture of his young girlfriend, Rachel Dugard, spreading onto the internet that he did not send. Her father is out for revenge, Rachel wants to recover her reputation and Jae just wants to forget the whole thing but the D. A. won’t let him and neither will his concerned parents. Through Biblical counseling Jae begins to discover what put him in this position in the first place as he slowly grows into a man by coming to faith in Jesus Christ and he is then able to spread reconciliation through his new found faith.


What others are saying:

Radiant First is a company that is extremely creative and 
values excellence in everything they produce.

J. Roger Davis, President Student Life

Radiant First has been easy to collaborate with, their flexible, creative and willing to undertake any project.

Matt Coleman, Owner Unblind Productions

They've got an eye for what I wanted and went above and beyond to get the job done.

Andy Braner, President KIVU

About the President

Brandon Riley

A nationally known independent producer, Brandon Riley has produced media for numerous organizations, churches, schools and businesses. Brandon is an entrepreneurial leader who has a desire to “bring light to the screen.” A graduate of the University of North Texas with a degree in Film and Philosophy, Brandon has produced commercials, music videos, short films and worked on numerous feature films and tv shows.

Brandon is drawn to stories that cause people to think about life and stare deep into their souls. 


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