We are a creative film and tv company with a goal “to bring light to the screen.”

We have a vision to create quality projects that impact culture and shape the human experience.

Radiant First Productions is a full-service, independent production company focused on creating digital media of the highest quality.

ra·di·ant: sending out light; shining or glowing brightly.

first: coming before all others in time or order; earliest; 1st.

The idea behind Radiant First is the idea of “pioneering light” and paving a path of “truth.”

We are a company comprised of a committed group of professionals who have an intense enthusiasm and devotion to film and other visual media, and a desire to work together to tell stories of significance. We seek to tell both true stories and stories grounded in truth. Our desire is to create films that shape the future and act as a discussion point for the subjects of life that we must all face as human beings.

Solid Scripts

We work with experienced screenwriters, script-doctors and consultants to assure the story is ready to be green-lit.


Our process is one in which we strive to maintain quality through every step of the production from development all the way through distribution.

Social Media

We think about every market including the demographics that primarily get their information from apps such as instagram and facebook.

Tech Based

We utilize the latest technology when it comes to production and distribution.

Audience Feedback

We make sure to listen to both our fans and critics by doing audience test screenings and adjusting the edit to how it is perceived.

Sustainable Model

Our goal is to create profitable films that will continue to fund future projects.