20131218071712-RFD_graphic_poster_flat_12-17-13Running From Darkness (Feature Film)

When truth is found . . . a man must flee

Jalial, a new Iranian Christian convert, and computer geek must survive the murderous religious police, drug smugglers and life as a Turkish refugee. He battles to stay alive and struggles to overcome temptations that would stain his soul.

“How do we forgive those that beat, rape, torture our loved ones.”

A young Iranian man of pure Persian descent , he is tall, dark and handsome. He is also naive. Jalial spent his childhood trying to find connection and truth in Allah. He searched for that connection in the Mosque, and during the fasts. He never made the grade, leading to greater frustration and spiraled towards suicide as an answer. God finds Jalial and lifts him from the Darkness. Now the Darkness is chasing him. He must escape with the help of Kurdish drug smugglers to Turkey, and now searches to find a home, and a way to send the Truth back to his people.

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This is Home (Feature Film)

Two teenage brothers escape their current abusive foster family and find unexpected grace when they end up with a family who loves them no matter what.

James Palmer is an honest hardworking guy who works at an advertising agency in Texas and is married to Amy, who is the love of his life.  In their free time they volunteer at their church in the youth ministry where they lead middle school small groups.  James has several middle school guys in his group, who he takes Bike Riding one Saturday.  They talk about the metaphor of biking outside as opposed to riding at a gym.  All agree that mountain biking is very similar to taking risks in life and worth every bit of it.  James is able to encourage the guys to take risks along the way and have a blast doing it.  What James doesn’t know is what risks he will have to take later.

Amy Palmer, James’ wife is desperately wanting to have kids of her own.  Like James, Amy loves mentoring teenagers and is seen cheering for one of the girls in her small group at a softball game. One night James and amy talk about their situation and have a fight about the possibilities of adoption or foster care.  Amy is hurt and James doesn’t know what to do.

Two teenage brothers Brian (13) and Clayton (16) are currently in a foster family that is very abusive.  After an abusive brawl, the brothers decide to make a run for it and leave everything behind. They find themselves on the streets that night alone and scarred.  Brian and Clayton are soon placed into the foster care system and end up living with James and Amy.

James and Amy treat Brian and Clayton like they have never been treated before. Clayton the sceptic continues to tell Brian that its only a matter of time before their true colors show.  James drives the boys to their separate schools where they are enrolled.  Brian ends up making a friend and Clayton bumps into the school bully.  Later that night the family goes out to eat to celebrate their new family.
The family is getting ready for church and encounters a wreck on the way.  There is a ten year old boy outside the car they see crying. The mom says a short prayer under her breath.  Later the family decides to take in a third child who happens to be the one they saw crying at the accident.  Nicholas (10) is autistic and has many problems.  This situation proves very testing for the new couple.

James continues his volunteer work with teenagers and brings along his three new kids on various adventures.  They end up playing broom-ball on ice and get really close in the process.  Clayton gets into a fight at school and thinks that this will be the end of his stay with the Palmers.  James decides to teach Clayton a lesson by taking him for a drive with all his clothes in a trash bag.  James asks Clayton to throw the bag into the river as a sign of his past.  They both head to the mall to get Clayton some new clothes.  James is able to show Clayton that he needs a new start and is shown grace when he leasts deserves it.

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