​​​​Flakka Z

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Rating: PG-13
Genre: Thriller
Sub Genre: Zombie, Horror
Target Audience: Men/Women 13-24
Filming Location: TBD
Production Schedule: 3 wks pre-prod, 10 Days prod, 6 wks post
Writer: Kate A. McMahon
Producer: Brandon Riley
Director: Ian Eyre
Marketing: Traditional, Social and New Media
Distribution: VOD, DVD, Pay per view, Online Dist
Investor Need: $300K Private Equity
ROI: 100% plus 10% interest after Cost of Production and Distribution Fees, 50/50 split of producer’s net profits for 5 years.

Teenagers partying at a lake house are terrorized by an unwelcome friend who’s taking a zombie prank too far, but learn that he accidentally overdosed on the bath salt Flakka that makes victims cannibalistic.

Before he goes off to college, Lucas looks forward to one final hurrah with his friends for a weekend up at his grandparents’ old house. But when his best friend Dylan brings along his contentious cousin, Mason, Lucas’s prospects for having a wholesome fun time immediately turn sour. Strangers, booze, and drugs turn this weekend into a full blown party, much to Lucas’s chagrin, but things go from bad to deadly when a new drug is mistakenly ingested by Mason, rendering him equivalent to a rabid zombie. And he’s got a thirst for blood.

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