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Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama
Target Audience: Teenagers 13-19
Director: Wes Llewellyn
Writer: Brennan Smith
Producer: Amanda Llewellyn
Producer: Brandon Riley
Marketing: Traditional, Social and New Media
Distribution: Theatrical (Dom and Int’l), VOD, DVD, Pay per View, Online Dist
Investor Need: 500K Private Equity

Logline: A high school football star must restore his reputation through Biblical counseling once an inappropriate picture of his girlfriend unknowingly spreads onto the internet after being sent from his smart phone.

Send addresses the problem of impulsive teens and instant connectivity.
Budding musician Rachel Dugard (16) sends an inappropriate picture of herself to her boyfriend, high school quarterback Jae Stroud (18). Jae is understandably overwhelmed. And life is great.

But soon, the school’s social media website reports Rachel is breaking up with Jae. Jae’s friends, Michael and Kevin, convince Jae that being the dumped loser is no way to start senior year. Jae texts his break up to Rachel, but discovers Rachel had no intention of breaking up.

Michael throws Jae a party to cheer him up, but despite hitting it off with a new cheerleader, Crystal (16), Jae tells Michael he’s going to apologize and beg Rachel’s forgiveness. But before the party ends, someone forwards Rachel’s photo from Jae’s misplaced phone…

By morning, the photo is everywhere. Jae tries to delete it from his friends’ phones, but can’t. He tries to make up with Rachel, but she snubs him. Then her father, Dave, finds out Rachel’s photo hit a porn site!

Jae is arrested for distributing child pornography. His parents, Charlie and Liz Stroud believe Jae must apologize to Rachel in person. But Jae causes this to backfire, making Dave more determined to get him.

Jae’s lawyer recommends counseling to offset the charges before the arraignment and Jae ends up with Pascal, a Biblical counselor. Jae goes along, but hatches a plan to clear himself by finding who sent out the photo.

After Pascal and Jae discuss sexting, Jae tries to force Kevin to confess, resulting in a fight video that hits the internet making him look even more guilty. Jae returns to Pascal bloodied.

Love-sick and unsupported, Rachel goes to Pascal but her father Dave, rejects her counseling. Rachel takes up the Bible on her own to find some peace or to find Biblcal judgement with which to skewer her former love.

Meanwhile Pascal helps Jae’s parents find insight into Jae’s overvaluing social opinion, but Charlie presses Jae to apologize to Kevin. Before Jae goes, Pascal teaches Jae about forgiveness Jesus’ way and Jae gets saved.

Jae’s apology starts badly, and he loses his counseling homework, but he wins Kevin back. Later Crystal returns the notebook to Jae’s window at night, playing the sex kitten. She then tells him about a party where Jae can resolve his issues with Rachel once and for all. Crystal will set everything up.

At the party, Crystal lures Jae upstairs to seduce him, hoping to shame Rachel and win Jae for herself, but Jae refuses, as Rachel enters, then flees. Crystal demands Jae let her go, revealing that she sent the photo out.

Fearing Rachel might commit suicide, Jae rushes after Rachel, and jilted Crystal announces that Jae is stalking Rachel.

Jae follows Rachel to the high school, followed all his friends from the party, Dave, the police and news crews. But Jae, with a clear moral compass and clever use of the speaker system, finds Rachel under the football bleachers, opens his heart to her and not only wins her back, but also convinces everyone he’s innocent of the scandal.

The story ends with Jae and Rachel restored with clear boundaries, and Crystal in the counseling office.

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