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Format: Single Camera
Episodes: 8 half-hour
Rating: PG
Genre: Drama / Comedy
Budget: $400K
Target Audience: Men/Women 13-50
Filming Location: TBD
Start Date: Winter, 2018
Production Schedule: 3 wks pre-prod, 5 wks prod, 10 wks post
Writer/Producers: Bradley Dorsey, Brandon Riley

Logline: Family relationships are put to the test when a single father becomes the teacher to his daughter’s sophomore history class.

Pilot Synopsis:

It’s the first day of school for EMMA (15) a fashion obsessed sophomore and JOEL (14) your typical scrawny timid underweight freshmen who currently live alone with their dad MARK (40s). Mark is consistently finding ways to embarrass his kids and this includes calling his daughter banana muffin and waking his son up with a water sprayer.

The school year starts out with an interesting twist when Emma’s history teacher happens to be her very own father. Loving this once in a lifetime opportunity to teach Emma’s class, Mark takes every possible opportunity available to embarrass her.

A year younger than Emma, Joel does not have his Dad as a teacher and knows very few kids at the school. After not making any of the sports teams, he is enrolled in physical education and gets picked on by the upperclassmen…making his class unbearable.

After many successful attempts at embarrassing Emma in class, Mark realizes that he may have gone too far. Even though Emma does not outwardly show that she likes the attention from her Dad, there is a sense that she really does love and care for him which prompts her to post an Instagram photo of her and her Dad with the #teacherdad. Overnight this post blows up and takes Emma’s popularity to a new level. She now has thousands of followers, likes and comments and is getting used to the idea that maybe having her Dad as a teacher might not be that bad after all.

Meanwhile PRINCIPAL ANDREWS (60s), encourages Mark to capitalize on the #teacherdad success and use it as a platform to grow his popularity. Mark is surprised that Andrews is even on Instagram but is reassured its mandatory for any principal that wants to be in the loop. Mark takes this advice to heart and spends every free moment figuring out to increase his Instagram profile. The first week of school may bring massive popularity to both Emma and Mark, however Joel is facing quite the opposite scenario with five followers on his account and a bully that is constantly taunting him. Eventually Joel runs for his life when he is being chased down by the upper-classmen after school…but has a heart to heart with his Dad who gives him the idea to try out for wrestling.

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