​​​​The Petitioner

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Rating: PG
Genre: Drama
Sub Genre: Faith / Marriage
Target Audience: Men/Women 30s-50s
Production Schedule: 6 Wks prep / 25 Shooting Days / 10 Wks Post
Writer: Marshal Younger
Producer: Bradley Dorsey, Brandon Riley,
Marketing: Traditional, Social and New Media
Distribution: Theatrical, Redbox, VOD, DVD, Amazon, Netflix, Pureflix
Investor Need: $2.5M Private Equity
ROI: 100% plus 10% interest after cost of production and distribution fees, 50/50 split of producer’s net profits for 5 years

Logline: A loving father is abandoned by his wife and kids only to discover he has been wrongfully accused of abuse. His desperate attempt to save his family leads him to become the Petitioner.

Based on True Events

In the Spring of 2017 Bradley Dorsey had a heart-breaking experience when his wife took his five kids and moved to Colorado claiming abuse. Wrongfully accused, separated from his family and heartbroken, Bradley begin to search for answers. Bradley’s search uncovered a document that would serve as a “lightbulb moment” that would lead him to become “the petitioner” using the Protection Order Document as a template for his prayers.

The Petitioner is a film based on true events that will give believers a powerful metaphor to pray during difficult times.

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