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Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama
Target Audience: 13-55 Men and Women
Writer/Producer: Brandon Riley
Distribution: Theatrical, VOD, DVD & Online Dist
Investor Need: $750,000

Logline: A married couple, unable to conceive, follows their calling to take care of troubled foster children.


THIS IS HOME is a faith-based film focusing on themes of family, grace, the American dream and hope. It follows a family as they struggle to focus on each other in a world that has not always been fair.

Amy and James Parker have a beautiful relationship. They support and love each other without a doubt. Marriage comes easily, but the desire for a child weighs on them heavily.

The Parkers make a decision to adopt two troubled teens BRIAN (12) and CLAYTON (16) into their home. The Parkers learn to love Brian and Clayton no matter what even though they are put in a situation they never would expect.

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